Pendant Gardenia – Rose and White Gold 18Kt
Pendant Gardenia – Rose and White Gold 18Kt
Pendant Gardenia – Rose and White Gold 18Kt

Pendant Brooch Gardenia


‘Your fragile beauty fascinates me’, this is the meaning attributed to the gardenies for the intense scent, the grace of the corolla and the fragility of the petals.

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It is not exactly a stone, but a precious material in balance between the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom, originating in the deep sea. Those used in jewelry are of the species ``Corallium rubrum`` or ``Corallium japonicum`` found in the seas of Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Red Sea, Mediterranean. There are infinite shades of coral: red, pink, white, blue, brown and black. It is said that it removes fears and tensions and facilitates coexistence. In many cultures, it is still used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits.


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Rose and White Gold 18k


Diamonds 0.15Kt (total weight) round brilliant cut. Red coral engraved. From the Pacific.


This pendant has been created to be worn as a brooch, too.


Size of The Brooch Pendant 4cmx 5 cm

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