“Jewelry cannot and must not be influenced by fashion, it must instead become an integral part of the wearer.
That's why for me the choice of a jewel becomes a matter of custom and culture.``
Silvia Kelly
Silvia Kelly is an Italian artisan company that creates and manufactures jewelry since 1970.
Our production is destined for the dealership jewelers who resell our creations throughout Italy. This eCommerce is dedicated to our customers who do not reside in Italy.

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Our creations

The jewels made in our atelier are artistic creations in Italian style: each one different from the other. This is because they are made with an artisan process, using carefully selected quality raw materials.

The gold is strictly 18 karats. Precious stones are carefully chosen for cut, shape and color, to create objects with an always original design.

Buying our creations means getting hold of an artistic object to wear casually in everyday life and on special occasions.

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